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Therapy Session




Therapy is chosen according to the client’s concern, the desired treatment goals, and the commitment of the client. Therefore, a single or combination of therapies that have been proven helpful for treatment may be used.


Methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, relationship-based approaches, or acceptance and commitment therapy may be utilized.


premarital or marriage therapy

You may be at the start of a committed relationship or have been in the relationship for some time. Any relationship may be experiencing issues related to communication, trust, unforgiveness, or some other dysfunction. I believe that if both are committed to the relationship and are willing to fully participate in therapy, there is hope.
Methods such as The Gottman Method or Prepare/ Enrich may be used to prepare for marriage, repair or enhance the relationship. There may be a need to incorporate other methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy as well.



Pastors, pastor wives, ministry leaders, therapists, teachers, front-line responders, caregivers, et al are serving with love and earnest desire to help others. However, they experience exhaustion—physical, spiritual or emotional which impacts their empathy and compassion.


They may suffer from secondary or vicarious traumatization. Compassion fatigue extends its negative impact into personal well-being and relationships. Therapy will focus on distinguishing burnout from compassion fatigue as well as coping with compassion fatigue.

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